moveID Ecosystem

The Mobility Service Commerce Process

Imagine a world where mobility services—those lifelines of urban existence—are organized in a decentral way such that for instance a mobility service like “Airbnb for parking and charging” electric vehicles becomes possible. Such services can thrive within a decentralized ecosystem, orchestrated by cutting-edge technologies. Welcome to the realm of the GAIA-X project moveID. After giving an […]

moveID Target Vision SSI

moveID’s Target Vision for an Open Digital Identity Infrastructure for Vehicles and Mobility Services in the Smart City

The technical target vision of the project GAIA-X 4 moveID shows the elements and interactions that our interoperable digital infrastructure allows for all mobile identities of smart city participants to enable a thriving ecosystem of digital mobility services in an open and discrimation-free ecosystem.

moveID System Architecture SSI

GAIA-X project moveID releases component landscape

Introduction The infrastructure of “GAIA-X 4 moveID” is being designed as a foundation for novel digital business models around future mobility use cases. Such use cases include, e.g., “smart zoning”, i.e., pop-up traffic zones with restricted access, which is communicated and enforced in a fully digital manner. Another example, the “smart car factory”, would receive, […]