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“moveID enables peaq to align its network with cutting-edge research and real-world needs” – Leonard Dorlöchter, peaq

In the moveID interview series, each of the 18 project participants introduces himself and explains why the company he represents has become part of the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project family. 

This interview features Leonard Dorlöchter, Co-founder of peaq.

motivationWhy did you join moveID?moveID brings some of the leading industry names together with top Web3 protocols focusing on real-world blockchain use cases to build a neutral digital backbone for the future of mobility. This is fully in line with peaq’s vision and values, and with so much alignment and determination among the collaborators, we are certain the project will be a great success.
objectiveWhat are you planning to deliver?peaq will provide its layer-1 blockchain as a transaction infrastructure with its core functions of self-sovereign machine identities, role-based access control (RBAC), and payment, enabling the participants to build and test new concepts and business models. We will also conduct further research and development to enable our network into the perfect space for building mobility-focused decentralized applications in compliance with Gaia-X standards. We will also take part in co-creating those standards and deliver use cases and applications. 
visionWhat is your overall goal?peaq’s mission is to create a neutral digital infrastructure where machines and humans can interact without mediation from centralized entities, enabling a fairer and more democratized Economy of Things. moveID fits organically into this vision as a project focused on mobility – a machine-driven industry undergoing rapid digitalization.  
emergenceWhat will moveID facilitate for your organization?moveID is the perfect platform for peaq to collaborate with top industry players and leading research institutions, aligning its network with cutting-edge research and with real-world enterprise needs.
IdentityWho are you and what is your role in your organization?Leonard Dorlöchter
DriveWhat drives you, personally?I am excited to be making an impact, to work on something that brings humanity forward. I believe that humankind must strive to build more sustainable industries, fairer governance models, and overall, better systems. I know that technology, and especially blockchain, has great potential to solve a great deal of the problems we are facing, and this fuels me with energy every day.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about why peaq has joined Gaia-X!

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