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“Data will drive progress in society, the economy, and especially mobility” – Marco Kremer, Materna SE

In the moveID interview series, each of the 18 project participants introduces himself and explains why the company he represents has become part of the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project family. 

This interview features Marco Kremer, Lead Consultant Gaia-X & Mobility at Materna SE.

motivationWhy did you join moveID?Without a doubt, data will drive progress in society, the economy, and especially mobility – if a trusted way of data exchange can be created. For us and our customers, decentralized and federated networks are promising concepts to establish thriving and sustainable data ecosystems that guarantee both SSI and sovereignty in sharing data and services. Especially in the mobility context, this approach will enable many smart mobility applications. And some of them we are going to build and demonstrate for real at Gaia-X 4 moveID.
objectiveWhat are you planning to deliver?We focus on delivering software that allows network participation and vehicle data sharing.
visionWhat is your overall goal?With innovative software solutions, we enable our customers to benefit from sharing data and services across different domains and ecosystems.
emergenceWhat will moveID facilitate for your organization?This project will give us and our customers the opportunity to experience first-hand the essential capabilities of a functioning data economy. It will thus become the trigger for further future digitization projects in mobility and also in other areas.
IdentityWho are you and what is your role in your organization?Marco Kremer
Lead Consultant Gaia-X & Mobility 
DriveWhat drives you, personally?Shaping a better tomorrow with digital innovations.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about why Materna SE has joined Gaia-X!

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