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“SSI and DLT will have a massive impact on the mobility industry” – David Knauer, Chainstep GmbH

In the moveID interview series, each of the 18 project participants introduces himself and explains why the company he represents has become part of the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project family. 

This interview features David Knauer, Business Development Manager at Chainstep GmbH.

motivationWhy did you join moveID?SSI and DLT in general are one of our focus topics at Chainstep. Especially in the mobility industry, it will have a massive impact.
objectiveWhat are you planning to deliver?Build-up connectors for the ecosystem to connect the digital world with the physical world. We are developing a solution for connecting Edge IoT (V2X) devices securely to the GAIA-X cloud platform. The security is provided over SSI, which allows a decentralizing of the security to the device (and removes the dependence on a single point of failure at the authorization provider).
visionWhat is your overall goal?Build up the best possible systems to bring DLT into the physical world and our everyday lives.
emergenceWhat will moveID facilitate for your organization?The awareness of changes within the mobility ecosystem and the publicity for DLT, in special SSI.
IdentityWho are you and what is your role in your organization?David Knauer
Business Development
DriveWhat drives you, personally?To be in a project with the smartest heads in the industry and the possibility to have an impact.

If you want to learn more about why Chainstep GmbH has joined Gaia-X, please contact us!

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